Clinton could be ‘First Gentlemen’


With the election looming, I’ve wondered what would happen if Hillary Clinton were elected President.

The obvious thing is that America would finally have its first woman president, breaking barriers once again.

We’d also finally have our first “First Gentleman,” Bill Clinton.

Who would've thought it ever possible that a man would one day take on the same role as a First Lady.

Theoretically, Bill Clinton would be the host of the White House, planning dinners and ceremonial events, and being scrutinized or applauded in the tabloids for his fashion choices.

Hillary Clinton would be the one enforcing and executing laws created by Congress, and declaring war.

What a role reversal for those two, and it would be interesting to watch how America responds to this change in culture.

Honestly, I think that with Bill becoming the first “First Gentlemen” of America, any other First Lady after him will have a larger political role than normal.

After all, he was President and his insight has helped Hillary this far, right?

Nevertheless, his job will be important.

Whatever he becomes, he'll have almost as much influence and authority as he did in his presidency.

Hopefully he'll use his authority only for the right things.

He was one of the most memorable Presidents for a very scandalous reason, and it is still joked about to this day. If Hillary Clinton wins the election she'll be in that same Oval Office almost everyday, where the scandals happened.

Will she be able to focus and handle her duties as President?

Of course, she has clearly moved past her husband's infidelities, and that should be applauded by women across America.

The past definitely did not stop her from running for President.

She'll – hopefully – be the first Clinton not impeached as President of the United States of America. And Bill will finally be a gentleman.