CEC is here to help

Does everyone know what and where the Career Education Center (CEC) is?

For those that don’t know, the CEC is a career coaching service for UDM students and recent alumni. It offers services like resume building, career workshops and one-on-one assistance by appointment. 

The CEC also offers hybrid courses each semester that consists of career assessments and which career is right for you. 

The CEC is located in Reno Hall, near the dorm rooms. However, a majority of their resources are available online, such as the Titan Career Link. 

The Titan Career Link offers students the access to several part-time, internship and career job postings. 

Students will receive job alerts based on their interests by email and advanced notice of CEC sponsored Career Expos/Fairs. 

But more importantly, like most things on campus, the CEC is a service specifically designed for students. And it’s a service that students need to take advantage of so they can know their worth when it comes to job hunting.

Detroit Mercy is an institution that offers not just a great education but an expensive one as well and if a student is receiving a degree from Detroit Mercy then they shouldn’t be settling for a job that pays 14 dollars an hour or one that isn’t even in their career field. 

Students should want more out of their education and the CEC is the place for that. 

The resources they offer are going to benefit you in your future. 

Say you have a quality resume but poor interview skills, the CEC is the place to help you with that. 

They offer one-on-one assistance online and in person, so they’re here to accommodate you. 

And don’t think just because you’re a freshman or sophomore that you cant benefit from this, they post part-time positions and internships as well. If interested in any of these services, schedule an appointment with a Career Development Facilitator or visit the Titan Career Link.