CLAE: More than English essays and music videos

The College of Liberal Arts and Eduction contains a number of programs one would expect, like communications and social work. 

It also is home to the Crimial Justice program, an interdisciplinary study that provides insight within various careers from a state to federal level. 

Surprisingly, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Education while some may assume that it offered within the College of Engineering and Science. This is because criminal justice is an interdisciplinary area that pulls most of its content from the areas of law, sociology, political science, and psychology. 

“I like the criminal justice program because although it is a bachelor of science, it combines areas of study that the College of Liberal Arts and Education provides,” said Emily Auton, a senior at the University of Detroit Mercy double majoring in English and Criminal Justice.  

She also said the criminal justice program is provided with its own wing that contains special labs and other valuable resources that you cannot get from a regular computer lab. These resources make learning enjoyable and more accessible.

 Auton studied pre-law when she first attended the university and took an introduction to criminal justice course and absolutely loved it. 

“It was really interesting because I never took a criminal justice class in high school since it wasn’t provided and I enjoyed learning about how the system works and how many roles a criminal justice student can play in it,” she said.

 She also explains why many students assume that a criminal justice degree requires that student to pursue a career in being a police officer but there are a number of careers that can be filled with a degree in criminal justice. 

Some courses required are Juvenile Justice, Criminology and Penology, and Criminal Issues in Criminal Justice.