From death of Prince to rise of Trump, it’s time for 2016 to go away

Who else is with me when I say I’m so ready for 2017? 

I can’t wait until Christmas but I’ll be much happier on New Years Eve.

This year was just a bust and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all over it. 

From Prince’s death earlier this year to this long and tiring election, it’s just been too much for us millennials; we’re exhausted. Black people are still being killed, Trump actually got elected and Kayne’s out here having mental breakdowns on stage. 

We all just need a break.

But, as always, we have to look forward to the future and hope better times are coming.  

If you’re like me and graduating in 2017, that by itself is so much to look forward to. As soon as this semester is over, commencement is just five months away. 

That’s so crazy, where did the time to go? And next year I’ll be 22. 

I mean, 21 is great, but 22 is like the more matured version of myself, or at least I hope it is. They always say with great age comes great responsibility or something like that, so I guess I have to be more responsible now, too. 


But, I have a good feeling about the new year, I feel like there’s going to be endless opportunities for me. 

It’s bittersweet but I’m definitely ready to start a new chapter in my life and even though I’ve enjoyed my time at Detroit Mercy, it’s time for something new. 

I need to meet new people and see new places, and 2017 is the year for that. 

Only thing I can say is, 2017 is my year and I’m claiming it.

McKay is VN Assistant Managing Editor.