Trump-ocalypse 2016?

I did not lose all hope when it was announced that Donald Trump would be the 45th president.

I wasn’t happy about it, and honestly if Hillary Clinton would have won I’d feel the same way; however I was kind of looking forward to having our first “First Gentleman.”

With all this hoopla with the popular vote recount Trump stirred up recently, I believe Clinton won that vote fair and square. The bottom line is she didn’t win the electoral vote; the Clinton ship has sailed and the Trump battleship has arrived.

With this reality the best thing to do is pray for this country, because some s–t is about go down in America. (I’m sorry about my choice of words, but I found it only fitting).

His recent tweet that people who burn the American flag should get prison time or lose citizenship is utter nonsense that clearly ignores the First Amendment. 

He is already ignoring a Constitutional amendment, and he isn’t even president yet.

He recently answered concerns about conflict of interests with his businesses by     essentially saying that the president can’t have conflicts of interests and can do whatever he wants. He wants to re-establish law and order, yet he’s above the law.

Now there is only one good thing I can see with Trump being in office: the booming of businesses. 

Trump is all about business. He’s vowed to invest heavily in infrastructure improvements, and has made a point to try and keep jobs in America by singling out companies like Ford Motor Co. and Carrier, who are shipping some jobs overseas. 

Recently, Ford said it would keep a small-volume crossover in Kentucky instead of moving production to Mexico partly because of Trump’s policies, and Carrier said it will also keep some work in Indiana instead of moving to Mexico, although it received heavy tax breaks to do so and is still moving other jobs south of the border. 

Other than that glimmer of hope, I really can’t see the light with Trump. Luckily my faith is not in him.


Burks is VN Features Editor.