Unlucky No. 7

At 1-7, the University of Detroit Mercy men’s basketball team’s season is off to a dismal start. The Titans have won just one game – a blowout of Division III Adrian College in a glorified practice session – and are losers of seven in a row. Six of those seven losses came by double digits. 

But with Horizon League conference play still weeks away, the players remain positive. One of the ultimate goals for the men’s basketball team is to win the Horizon League regular season title as well as the post-season tournament title. 

“I’ll be disappointed if we don’t win the Horizon League,” said Jaleel Hogan, a junior forward who’s leading the team with an average of 13.3 points per game. 

This is an attitude that many of the other players on the team share, and an attitude that first season Coach Bacari Alexander has instilled in the team.

Alexander has also instilled a selfless attitude onto this team.

Junior Isaiah Jones has bought into this school of thought.

“I want to do whatever I can to help the team win,” said Jones, who has not played this year. This message is not lost on injured freshman Antoine Joubert.

“Even though I am injured and do not expect to play, I will do whatever I can to support my teammates,” said Joubert.

This sense of togetherness is something new that Alexander has brought to the team.

“He has brought a sense of togetherness and has a vision for everyone,” said Hogan.

This has been echoed throughout the entire locker room.

“He has brought a whole new environment to the team, from academics to behavior on the court,” said Joubert.

The players believe in each other and in turn believe they can accomplish anything that is put in front of them this season.

There are some key games on the schedule this season. 

Jones believes every game should be played like a championship game. Hogan agrees, but he also has some games circled on the schedule.

“The Oakland games are big, with the Metro Series.” said Hogan “Valparaiso is a big game as well, and they’re projected to be at the top of the conference.”

Fans of Titan basketball  should try not to look for one breakout player to carry the team to success. 

“Everybody has something special they bring to the table,” said Jones.