Health building addition unveiled this week

You may have seen the construction being done on the College of Health Professions building during the past months, but it is finally ready to move in.

Many students and faculty are excited to see how it has turned out.

“We do not know too much about it yet other than we have been told it will be super high-tech,” said physician assistant (PA) student Alaina Brouckaert. “We have not moved in yet, but I am very excited to see what it looks like.”

According to the College of Health Professions, there will be two levels: the first-floor and garden level (basement).

The classroom located on the first floor is modeled from Michigan State University’s Classroom Committee, which developed Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL).

These rooms are designed with small-group tables with an instructor station in the middle of the room. Around the room on the walls are several whiteboards and projectors.

“The College of Health Profession is very excited that we now have a new state of the art best lab space in Michigan,” said Amy Dereczyk, associate professor and chair of the physician assistant program. “We could always use more space and we are very happy with how it turned out.”

The president will take part in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 26 to celebrate the opening .

“We have only gotten to see pictures so far but it looks beautiful,” said student Lauren Sutton. “I think I am mostly excited for the patient lab. Our classes have to be split up now because we do not have enough room, but with the new addition we are able to have lecture and lab in the same room.”