Regrets rise in senior year

What is one thing you regret not doing in college?

I have more than one, of course, but I’m asking because it’s my senior year and time is dwindling faster than I can count.

This time next year, I’ll be working somewhere. I won’t even be a student anymore. It’s a scary thought to think about because that’s all I’ve ever been.

But we’re going to think about the future later and focus on the past for right now.

I would say my biggest regret in college is not applying myself enough.

I’m not deficient and there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just a huge procrastinator and I’m lazy.

I’m not like this when it comes to things I want but sometimes I just get a little too lost in the sauce.

In your sophomore or junior year, you think you have this whole college thing figured out so you just kind of go with whatever – not really putting too much effort into things, just doing what you need to do to get by.

That’s my problem.

Sometimes I don’t put in the effort or the work to get an A. Instead, I’ll settle for a B or a C. I regret that with a lot of my classes.

But this year I’m changing that.

It’s definitely going to take some time, and I’m sure I’m going to slip up a whole bunch but that’s okay, as long as I get right back to it.

Of course, I only have a few months left here and in this time I don’t want to regret anything, at least when it comes to school.

But, yeah, ask yourself this question and see what you come up with.