Rehearsals underway for ‘Bus Stop’ romantic comedy

The Theatre Company will be staging William Inge’s “Bus Stop” Feb. 9-26 at the Marlene Boll Theatre at the downtown YMCA.

The play follows a bus full of strangers as they find themselves stranded by a snowstorm at a cheerful roadside diner in Kansas City.

All roads are blocked, and the weary travelers are forced to mingle and wait out the storm. 

As the evening progresses and personalities emerge, the predicament evolves into an romantic comedy.

“If our election has taught us anything, it’s that we seem to have lost our capacity to connect and understand one another,” said director Andrew Papa. “In ‘Bus Stop,’ we meet a host of people who deeply pine for one another, who wrestle with their desires and how to communicate their true intentions. We can learn so much from these people.”

The cast – a mix of resident professionals and students – includes Jahnay Clabon as Grace Hoylard, Joel Mitchell as Carl, Sam Pollak as Dr. Gerald Lyman, Pat Loos as Will Masters, Pat Caporuscio as Virgil Blessing, Autumn Russell as Cherie, Dalton Hahn as Bo Decker and Savanah Wright as Elma Duckworth.

The production team is comprised of Associate Professor Melinda Pacha as scenic and costume designer, Amy Schneider as lighting designer, Anthony Petrucci as technical director, Christian Plonka as stage manager and Greg Grobis as managing director.

Many discussion events are planned around the show.

For more information check or call 313-993-3270.