At one time or another, many of us have felt unsure about what career awaits us after graduation.

The Career Education Center in Reno Hall aims to help students with this matter – and others.

“We provide a full spectrum of career development services,” said Cedric Brooks, a certified TypeFocus practitioner at Detroit Mercy. “We assist in helping students to navigate their own careers.”

The Career Education Center assists students with formatting their resumes and building cover letters. It helps assess students who are uncertain about what field pairs best with their interests, and it uses job-search engines to connect students with employers.

Brooks said that one of the biggest benefits for students who come to the center is having the latest access to career trends.

“One-on-one appointments (are) individualized experiences,” he said.

Center employees accommodate student wherever “they may be in their own career development,” he said.

The center has a variety of tools that can help.

For one example, it offers a virtual-reality program that simulates job interviews.

“This helps students understand the importance of professional attire and body language,” Brooks said.

The TitanCareerLink is Detroit Mercy’s career portal. It helps guide students to check out internships, co-ops and other employment opportunities.

Through TitanCareerLink, students are also able to register for Career Education Center events using the website

“We have tons of events scheduled for the winter term,” Brooks said. “The Elevator Pitch Contest gives students the opportunity to win up to $250.”

Two upcoming workshops lead up to the contest: Feb. 9, 12:45-2 p.m., and Feb. 15, 2:15-3 p.m.

A spring career and networking fair is scheduled for March 23.

“This an awesome opportunity for connecting, networking and interacting with recruiters,” Brooks said.