Track excites us at Olympics; why not year-round?

Why are Olympic sports not as popular in America throughout the year?

The country rallies around these sports during the Summer Olympics.

Swimming and track become insanely popular but then the interest dies out almost instantly when the Olympics end.

I think maybe one of these sports could become mainstream.

Yes, America is obsessed with football but that could be changing in the near future.

With the impact of concussions becoming more and more clear, football is going to go through a big change.

Twenty years from now, the sport might not even look like the football we’re used to watching.

Why can’t track take its place?

After all, it’s the stars and the story lines that we love about sports.

What sport focuses more on the individual than a track race?

Not very many. Track stars could become pop culture stars if given the right platform.

You can see this now with an athlete like Usain Bolt.

He has the charisma – and he is also phenomenal at what he does.

Track might be the purest form of competition there is, one individual against another individual to see who can get to a spot the fastest.

It’s true that track does not have as much going on as more mainstream sports in America, but all it takes is one captivating story line.

One rivalry or one truly dominant competitor is all that the sport needs.

Usain Bolt was that guy but Americans have only seen him once every four years.

If the sport of football changes and dropped in popularity, track could step up in its place.

A lot of athletes who would choose football over track are starting to reconsider.

Football is a dangerous sport with high risks.

Kids are now looking at other sports instead of football.

Track offers a competitive experience while being a non-contact sport, which is attractive to many kids and their parents.

I’m not the biggest fan of track and field, and I love football. But the risks are too high for the players and as player safety becomes a concern some of the better athletes will choose other sports.

Track and field might not become wildly popular.

But the opportunity will be there as football continues to evolve.