Seniors hope to end with solid showing

The men’s tennis team at Detroit Mercy is senior laden, with four of seven players in their final season.

While they hope to lead this team to its many goals this season, they are also reflective about the time they have spent at the university.

“We would like to end the season with a positive record,” said senior Patryk Koscielski. “I believe we are more than capable of achieving this.”

Senior Ismail Kadyrov agreed and took it a step further, believing the Titans should win the Horizon league.

One key, said Kadyrov, is to “cut down on the drama. There’s usually drama with every team, just little things.”

The tennis team has bonded as a unit, thanks in part to the leadership of the seniors.

It’s something they take seriously.

“I have always tried to do the best for the team and improve my leadership skills,” noted Koscielski.

Kadyrov said it is crucial to let teammates know that you are there for them.

“We will help you out,” he said.

As the team comes together, members look forward to the rest of the season.

The first step is to finish the year with a winning record.

“The three years that have led up to here have gone really quick,” said Koscielski. “It’s been fun playing college tennis.”

The feeling is shared by the seniors. They have built a brotherhood at Detroit Mercy.

“Having a group of people together to achieve a common goal is a cool thing,” said Kadyrov, who is from England. “You will always have a connection with those guys.”

As the seniors – Koscielski, Kadyrov, Chance Conley and Kacper Stelmaszak of Poland – prepare to move on to life after college tennis, they look for their younger teammates to step up into leadership roles next year.

Junior Nathan Ponton of Australia is a player who will be tasked with that job next year.

“His game is there and he understands what it takes to be a leader,” said Kadyrov.

The other current team members include sophomores Artem Vasheshnikov of Ukraine and Adam Zychowicz.