Even Lady Gaga deals with body shaming: it erodes confidence

At the Super Bowl, millions watched not only to see the Falcons and Patriots battle for the championship but also to see Lady Gaga perform at half time.

Having this honor is a big deal, making the 13- to 15-minutes performance intense – and usually a medley of songs.

Even if you do not like her music much, you cannot deny she gave an energetic and passionate performance.

Unfortunately, right after, she experienced an overwhelming amount of backlash for her weight.

For most of her performance, she had her midsection exposed, which sparked social media posts about her being overweight.

Nasty comments were being said about her body instead of her show.

I could not help but think that this is why women and young girls have negative body image issues.

When watching the performance myself, I noticed the flashy outfits and amazing voice, but nothing about her weight.

In fact, when discussing this with my friends, we concluded that the average women wishes she were as fit as Lady Gaga.

Hearing about the backlash upset me, especially because I have struggled with weight and body issues my whole life. I am sensitive to these things.

I have learned throughout life that people will look at your accomplishments and try to find fault in your work or appearance.

You cannot make everyone happy no matter what you do. This is a sad reality of life.

After reflecting on the issue, I realized that the negative comments really had nothing to do with Lady Gaga’s performance.

If the Super Bowl had decided on any other female artist, there would have been something wrong with how she looked and she would have been targeted, too.

It saddens me to think that young girls have these thoughts engrained in their minds.

Many women seek that kind of “perfection” at all costs, and even if they attain it they will still not be good enough for the internet trolls and hateful people.

Body shaming tears down confidence, and confidence is one of the most beautiful things about an individual.