Final spring break must be special

The Netflix and chill season is almost over.

That means Valentine’s Day and Christmas, those holidays where people get engaged, are past.

So, of course, spring is coming, and I am so ready for it.

Though last weekend was a nice reprieve, I want a permanent taste of some warm weather.

I’m over being cold. I’m sure most can agree.

This winter wasn’t brutal like some we’ve had but I’m just over it.

Plus, the closer we get to spring, the closer I am to getting the heck out of here.

It’s bittersweet.

Detroit Mercy has been my life for the past four years.

If I’m not a student, what will I be?

An adult who just works full-time.

Oh my goodness, I’m not ready.

I like spring break and summer break and not having class everyday.

I mean, do people who work even go on spring break?

If I can’t have spring break, I don’t know how I’m going to live.

I’m used to having a week off in March every year.

Because this is my official last spring break, I need to do something memorable.

I always just go home to be with family and that’s usually enough but I want to do something this spring break.

Let’s hope the weather will be nice.

Anything is better than 20 degrees and snow, am I right?

Any ideas for my spring break? I want you guys to help me.