State tourney should launch Caesars Arena


With Joe Louis Arena closing, I begin to think of all the possibilities for Little Caesars Arena.

There will be amazing concerts held there and spectacular sporting events.

But I have an additional idea: a tournament. Not Motor City Madness or the NCAA tournament, but a tournament that would feature all of the NCAA Division 1 programs in the state.

Early season invitationals are nothing new to college basketball.

Why not hold one to determine a “state champion”?

There are seven Division 1 basketball teams in Michigan.

To make it even, you could add Wayne State University as a host institution with Detroit Mercy.

This would be a good way to bring excitement to college basketball in the state and it would force U of M and MSU to play the smaller schools.

No state I’m aware of has ever held a state tournament for high-level college basketball.

This would be unique, and it would draw interest nationally.

Little Caesars Arena would be the perfect venue.

What better way to launch a brand new arena?

New rivalries would be formed and it would give the smaller schools a chance to perform in big-game environments in a large facility.

Local recruits would get a chance to see all of their state’s big-time schools in one spot.

I think there are too many potential benefits to not give this a chance.

If this event were to take place, it would soon be replicated by other states looking to spotlight their college basketball teams.

With the revitalization of Detroit and Michigan, this would be a good way to show off our universities – especially schools like Detroit Mercy and Oakland that do not get the national recognition of the University of Michigans and Michigan States of the world.

Little Caesars arena will be home to two professional sports teams – the Red Wings and Pistons – and the arena will be packed for those games.

The surrounding the arena will be abuzz with activity as people stop at bars and restaurants.

As Detroit continues to rebound and rise, I say let college basketball in the state be showcased with a new and innovative style of tournament.