From tunnels to New York, unexpected experiences

When I first got here, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be.

When I first got here, I had no idea what I wanted to major in.

When I first got here, I had no idea that I would write for the school newspaper.

Even when I started writing for the school newspaper, I had no idea I would later become editor-in-chief of the publication.

I had no idea about the people I would meet along my journey.

I had no idea that I would have the privilege to go to New York City twice during my college career (and take my first – and second – plane rides).

I had no idea that I would actually finish my degree.

But, most of all, I had no idea how quickly these four years would fly.

College has been an incredibly eye-opening and life-changing experience.

Of course, like all things in life, it has had its ups and downs, and late nights and early mornings, and failed exams and aced projects, among other things.

But I am truly grateful for the college experience that University of Detroit Mercy has provided me.

Now that I’m leaving, I’ve been giving some thought to the legacy I hope to leave.

I hope that I have inspired people to be themselves.

I’ve always been honest in my columns about my experiences, when talking about my life in class, and I’ve never been ashamed to speak my mind.

I ask for the things I want, I work hard and I put myself out there for people to understand the real me.

I’ve done my best to be friendly, energetic and sociable with everyone.

I hope that I have inspired people to discover campus the way I have.

I feel so privileged to have gotten to do so many unusual things on campus.

I explored the underground tunnels, I have been to every floor of Lansing-Reilly, I have been inside the Powerhouse and I have learned so many things from these experiences.

I hope that I inspire students to reach their full academic potential, as I feel I have.

The legacy I hope to leave is simple: to have inspired people to find their passions and base their lives around their passions.

Be yourself, learn new things, try your best and be passionate.

It worked for me.