Wins over Wright State brighten Titans softball team’s slow start

The Titans are 26 games into their 56-game softball season.

They have played in places like Florida and California, but their season has not been as bright as the locations they have visited.

With a record of 5-21, the team hopes to improve as conference play begins.

Indeed, they took two games over the weekend from Wright State.

“Our conference is not that strong, and with the level of competition we played, we will do well in conference,” said head softball coach John Conway.

To succeed, this team will need to be more consistent.

“We just have to find ourselves right now,” said Conway. “We are struggling with that.”

Hitting the ball has been a challenge early in this year, and pitching and defense need to improve, as well.

Even with the early-season struggles, Conway still has lofty expectations.

The top six teams in the conference will make the league tournament and the Titans are hoping to be among them.

It could be an uphill battle. The Titans are predicted to finish in eighth place out of ninth teams.

“That’s an added incentive to prove people wrong,” said Conway.

Although the start of the season has been rough, a couple players have provided bright spots.

“Laura Villagrana has been our most consistent hitter even while struggling through knee injuries,” said Conway.

Villagrana is a senior from California.

Another player who has contributed is Grace Schmeiser, an Ohio senior.

She started out hot at the plate and even though she is currently in a slump she is still hitting over .300 for this Titans team, noted Conway.

The rest of the softball team has been streaky and out of sync.

Being a northern team comes with its disadvantages when the Titans play teams from warmer climates.

This year that excuse is not as accepted by coach Conway because the month of February was so warm.

“We had six or seven practices outside, and that never happens in February,” said Conway.

As the team continues to find itself, Conway is eager to see if the Titans can come together in the coming weeks – in time for the tournament.