Advice for managing your finals

With the semester winding down, stress and anxiety are high on campus.

Being prepared can help, and your professors have some recommendations for exams.

“Probably the single best way to study for final exams is to keep up with the material throughout the course of the semester,” said communication studies professor Joe Abisaid. “This should make your study efforts more like a review.”

That requires taking good notes and reviewing them regularly.

“You would be shocked how many students end up coming across the course material for the very first time when studying for a final exam,” said Abisaid.

Waiting until the last second to study is never a good thing.

All of the professors The VN spoke with agreed that students should start to prepare well in advance.

“I think ‘cramming’ is a poor way to study,” said business professor Michael Bernacchi. “The most important thing is getting the proper amount of sleep, eating good solid meals and being organized.”

Some students forget that finals are not held at the usual time and day of class.

“First, it is very important that you know what time the final is and where,” said adjunct professor Alexandra Hichel. “Also, don’t expect a balanced work, school and social life that week. Pay attention to your priorities. If passing the final is key to your future success, put your attention onto that.”

The end of the semester is the busiest time of the year.

Some students have to balance work and internships with kids, sports and studying for exams.

“In terms of staying motivated, I always encourage students to focus so that they can enjoy the summer or winter breaks,” said Abisaid. “Nobody wants to go into the summer having bombed their exams. Work hard now so you can enjoy the summer.”