Leaving on a bright note

Starting over is so scary but I’m ready for it.

I’m ready for a new change in pace, a new routine in my life.

No more going to class three days a week, and no more last-minute assignments.

The time has come for me to actually start adulting.

Technically, I’ve been doing that but soon I’ll be able to say I’m not a student anymore.

Which also means no more financial dependence on my mother, and she is relieved.

No more going to see Dr. Dicks every semester to register for classes.

And, most important, no more stressing over school in general.

I didn’t start off at Detroit Mercy on the best terms but I plan to leave the happiest I’ve ever been.

I want to finish on a good note so that when I look back I can reminisce on all the good Detroit Mercy has given me – whether it be the faculty and staff or the students or the wider community.

Going to a school like this has brought so much joy and acceptance into my life.

We may not be in the best neighborhood or have the best student life or whatever, but we accept what we have and make the best of it.

And that’s what I’ve learned to do: Accept what I’ve been given in life and make the best out of my situation.

That’s what I can only hope to expect in my future.

So, it’s been real Detroit Mercy, but I have to go and put this degree to use.

Signing off, Akilea McKay.