New food firm plans designer burgers, Mexican grill options

Metz Culinary Management will officially take over University of Detroit Mercy’s dining services July 1.

The university signed a five-year contract with Metz in November, and has since been working to make the transition from Sodexo to Metz successful.

Sodexo has been the dining provider for Detroit Mercy for over 20 years, but university officials decided that Metz was a better fit when the two, among other dining institutions, submitted their proposals to gain the new contract in September.

The Metz team already has some plans for changes and renovations to the dining areas on all three campuses.

Metz will be bringing its Designer Burger brand – a cooked-to-order burger and grill outlet – to the grill area at The Loft. It will feature special, customizable toppings, like avocado.

Along with the new burger joint, Metz is planning to install Poblano’s, a fast-casual Mexican cuisine stop similar to Chipotle.

Metz is also planning to renovate the Shiple Titan-To-Go store, and both the Corktown and Riverfront cafes at the dental and law schools.

The renovations and addition of Poblano’s will not take place until next year, but the Designer Burger should be up and running this summer, according to Alysa Jackson, director of University Services.