Thank you for the kindness, opportunity, support

As my time at Detroit Mercy comes to an end, many people who have enhanced my journey along the way come to mind. I owe my success, knowledge and preparation to many people, but especially the following:

  • Tom Stanton – Thank you for being such a wonderful professor, advisor, mentor and friend. Your expertise in journalism has taught me so much over the past few years. You coached me to be a strong writer, an ethical journalist and a successful editor, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for your patience, kindness and willingness to work one-on-one with me, so I could develop my skills even further. Your influence has been the most incredible gift. You inspire me so much, and I’m so thankful to have worked with you. Thank you.
  • Jason Roche – Thank you for always being such an awesome professor. I have had you for so many different and unique courses, and I have learned so much in each of them. You inspire me to express my creativity and I love that you continue to express yours in your classes, family life and work life. Also, thanks for always providing plenty of corny jokes for me to groan at. Even though I groan, I always appreciate them. Thank you.
  • Joe Abisaid – Thank you for teaching me about public relations and giving me a new look at my degree. Though recent, your influence has certainly been important to my college experience. You care so much about your students, and it shows. I appreciate your commitment to my education and your amazing set of skills. Thank you.
  • Cynthia Langham – Thank you for always being a helpful and friendly person on campus. Even though I only had you for one class, it was one of my favorites. Also, thank you for helping me find internships and make the most of my degree. Thank you.
  • ​Vivian Dicks – Thank you for being so patient with me, and always taking time out of your day to talk to me about courses, the program and anything else I needed. Also, thank you for presenting the Communication Excellence Award to me at the Honors Convocation. It was truly an honor to receive it from you. Thank you.
  • Bruce Brorby – Thank you for being such a great professor and such a sweet person. You are one of the friendliest people on campus, and I’m always happy to see you. Thank you for supporting me with The Varsity News, and always encouraging me to do my best and work hard. Thank you.
  • Hank Durkin – Thank you for the incredible experience of New York City and the CMA student conference for two years.  Your generosity has been an amazing gift. You have inspired me to give back because I have seen what incredible opportunities it can provide. Thank you.
  • Chuck Hokett – Thank you for being such an awesome boss and friend. Though I only got to work one year for you, it was an incredible one. You introduced me to so many new people and really made my last year special. Thank you for being so understanding and willing to work with my other commitments and The Varsity News. You are a wonderful person. Thank you.
  • Alysa Jackson – Thank you for teaching me so many new things, especially in my early days at Detroit Mercy. I met so many people and learned so much valuable information when I worked with you that ended up helping me later with The Varsity News. Thank you for being a great boss, friend and one of my main points of contact. Thank you. 
  • Jon Whitener – Thank you for being so supportive throughout my college career. Your emails always are so uplifting and always made me happy. You are an awesome person and friend, and I am so happy to know you. Thank you.
  • Nikki Coleman – Thank you for being one of the first students I met at Detroit Mercy and for being a friend since. Thank you for teaching me things about Detroit Mercy when I was at facility operations. I love our outings and talks, and I am so happy that we have stayed close. Thank you.
  • Paige Dykema – Thank you for inspiring me to be a good person and do my best to always benefit the community. Your commitment to excellence was incredible to see, and you are an amazing woman and friend. You will continue to be successful, and I am so happy to know you. Thank you.
  • Rosanna Reynolds – Thank you for being such an awesome friend and co-worker. We had so much fun when we worked and had class together, and I’m so happy to be graduating with you. Watching you at the games and hanging out with your family was also so much fun and one of the memories from college that I will cherish forever. Also, thank you for always letting me quote you in my stories. It was very helpful. Thank you.
  • Mike Martinez – Thank you for being advisor of The Varsity News while professor Stanton was gone. You brought fresh eyes and ideas to our work, and it was a great semester. You’re an awesome person and an incredible journalist, and I can only hope to be as successful as you at such an early stage in your career. Thank you.
  • Jack Walsworth – Thank you for being such a terrific editor last year and teaching me what it means to be a good leader. You’re a cool guy and an excellent journalist, and I certainly would not be the journalist I am today without your direction. Thank you.
  • Akilea McKay and Vershay Burks – Thank you for being my partners in crime at The Varsity News. You two are the only friends I have ever taken a big trip with, and I’m glad it was you. I’m happy we are all graduating together and going on to bigger and better things. Thank you. 
  • My dad, Greg Daniel – Thank you for working at Detroit Mercy for almost your entire adult life so that I could go to school here and come out debt free. A college education is an incredible gift that I likely would not have been able to get if you did not sacrifice and provide it for me. Thank you.
  • My mom, Janet Daniel – Thank you for being my rock and my biggest supporter. You are an inspiration to me because of the hard work that you put into being an incredible mother. I truly don’t know what I would do without you. Your support has been vital to my success in college. Every time I was struggling or felt like giving up, you were always there to remind me to stay true to myself and get it done. I would not be the person I am today without you. Thank you.
  • My siblings, Thomas and Emily Daniel – Thank you for being my best friends and my biggest motivation. You two inspire me to be my best self, so that you will go on to be your best selves. You keep in the kid in me alive, and I am thankful for that. You are two incredible young adults, and I can’t wait to see what you do. Thank you.

Thank you to these people, and many more who didn’t make this list, for the support in my college career. It has certainly been a ride, but it would not have been the same without you. Thank you all very much.