Detroit Mercy class puts students on radio




Many students do not know there is a campus radio station.

But in the coming weeks, they may be hearing about it.

The Detroit Mercy radio station will be featuring students from the CST 3100 Digital Audio Production – Direction class.

All students in the class will get one hour of air time a week to talk about any topics they want, as well as to play any type of music (as long as it’s not inappropriate).

If students do their radio shows every week, they will be excused from the final.

I am also a part of this class, and I’m planning on doing a radio show.

I view it as a good learning experience and would be able to put it on my resume in the future.

My radio show is mostly going to consist of music, but songs that you won’t usually hear on the radio, like “Get You” by Daniel Caesar.

I’m trying to take the chance to broaden the horizon on people’s music radar because people might just be unaware of some artists.

Johnathan Zhu, another student in the class, is using his time to talk about music production and the state of the music industry.

He aims to keep people informed.

“The music industry is not all negative and not always what people tell you,” Zhu said.

From Zhu’s air time, you will also be able to hear the music genres of rap and EDM.

Javon Holland wants to talk about crazy things going on in the world – for example, an internet celebrity using a racial slur and causing major controversy.

“I just want to bring the people together in these subjects,” he said. “A lot people may disagree on my opinion on things but I want to keep my show light-hearted and I want my audience to be entertained and maybe they can come out of it and learn something.”

In his slot, you can expect to hear familiar hits by the likes of Cardi B and Future. But also expect some underground music by  Logic, Dornik, Midas Hutch and others.

The class has 16 people, and most of the students are planning to use airtime.

With that many students, you are looking at a wide variety of music and talk shows to streaming through on the radio.

Overall, this is a good opportunity to not only educate the students in the radio business, but also give them experience.