Rapping helps Titan player chill




Detroit Mercy basketball player Ed Carter has a hobby that many other basketball players have as well.

Carter, a sophomore, loves to rap when he isn’t on the court.

“Rapping is a way for me to talk about my pain and struggle through art,” said Carter. “It serves as a meditation for me, just like basketball does.”

Plenty of famous athletes have shown interest in the rap industry, including Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers and retired legend Kobe Bryant.

Carter is a Detroit native and he points to his upbringing for his music gene.

“Being from the east side of Detroit, it was like music was a big part of my life, with my parents growing up to Motown and rappers like Tupac and Biggie, I feel like they installed that into me,” Carter said.

Carter’s favorite artists include Drake, Lil Uzi and another Detroit grown rapper Tee Grizzly.

“I like the type of music these guys put out,” he said. “It isn’t like the other stuff you hear now. Most of rap now is about drugs and women. I do like that stuff sometime, but these artists do a great job in mixing things up and talking about deeper things.”

With all of the negative messages in today’s music, Carter wants to rap about how he’s making it in a positive way.

“Rappers nowadays talk about drugs so much that kids think that using or selling drugs is the only way to be successful,” Carter said. “I want to be a positive influence on the youth that will hear my music if I choose that career path.”