Biking around Detroit





The annual Midnight Bike Ride, a Detroit Mercy tradition, took place on Sept. 15 and toured many sites of Detroit.

Our 20-mile round-trip excursion through Detroit started at 8 p.m. in Parking Lot A north of Reno Hall on the McNichol’s Campus.

The journey highlighted such interesting places in the city as Palmer Park, Palmer Woods, Indian Village, Greektown, the cultural center, Eastern Market and the Boston-Edison District.

As we prepared for the ride, easily 300 or more people gathered, among them faculty and staff, students and natives of the greater Detroit area.

“The bike ride is a tradition for me and my family,” said Jeff Lane, a fourth-year rider. “Every year I’m prepared for the workout.”

As we took off through the McNichols gate, you could feel the fresh air striking your face as you joyfully glided your way around Detroit.

The bike ride provided more than just a workout.

It brought family, friends and strangers together to smile with each other and to show appreciation for Detroit.

This trip allowed us to embrace the current transformation of Detroit, where buildings are being restructured – in with the new and out with the old. Riders from previous years could see where changes had taken place.

“We live for the coney island,” said Jack Censoni, a first-year rider. “I believe I’m more excited for the Lafayette coney dogs than riding back to campus.”

A warm dog with chili, onions and mustard was a proper way to refuel your body in preparation for the ride home.

The ride also brought an historical feel to your soul. You felt a part of history, not just for Detroit Mercy Midnight Bike Ride, but as a bike rider through the Motor City.

Once we returned, the 300-pack stayed strong and fought on as we continued to smile and enjoy ourselves hoping the ride wouldn’t end.

“Next year, I plan to be more prepared for the ride,” said Frank Onwenu, who graduated recently with a master’s degree in cyber-security. “Stay on the lookout, I’m coming back with a newer bike. Also getting my family and friends involved. We are making all kinds of gains, all kinds.”