Classroom blogs focus on science




Have you ever wanted to try to understand something in the scientific community, but just don’t understand all the science lingo?

In the class Freelance Writing for Print and Web, students are taking subjects in the science and putting them layman terms.

Students within the class have a semester-long project in which they have to make a blog post every Tuesday about the scientific topic they are focusing on.

Each post comes from a scientific article that many people wouldn’t understand.

The students try to breakdown those articles so people outside the scientific community will understand.

Each student has created a website through, and each site has a unique flare to fit the topic.

Students also have to try to aim for a certain audience to try to inform it about the status of their scientific topic.

As for myself, I am a part of this class and have a blog about weather and how it’s affecting things around the world.

The one thing I especially try to focus on are the recent hurricanes and how they been affecting the places that they hit.

 Also, how and whether the hurricanes are affected by climate change and how they become more powerful from the warmer climates.

My blog posts are aimed at people who might not believe in climate change. They aim to show the impact of it on the world.

Javon Holland, another student, is also a part of the class, and is focusing his work on artificial intelligence.

He said a lot of people are unaware that it’s a real issue.

“There are people out that that are afraid of machines being too human,” he said.

A variety of other blogs are being written within the class, including ones focused on hybrid technology, phycology (related to seaweeds and algae) and fishing.

To find these sites, go to and there will be a blog post that says, “Everyone’s Science Blogs!”

This website is the main blog for the class, but is accessible by anyone and everyone.