Movies, marquees and fantasy basketball inform new co-editor




I am Deej.

I am communications student and a believer in leadership with a minor in creative writing, if/when I talk to the advisors (in due time).

I participate in the most prestigious Final Absolution Fantasy Basketball League and have recently acquired Kevin Durant and Mike Conley.

I feel most at home in a movie theatre, with my friends and family.

I like to talk but never seem to find time to write enough, read enough or see enough movies.

Seeing Stephen King’s “IT” just recently with my immediate family and some close relatives brought back a wave of memories when pondering how to write this article.

I was reminded of times I had watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in my living room with my brothers and cousin.

About how close we sat to the screen, eagerly staying up till hours when your parents get pissed.

How Blake, my cousin, was horrified by the grand face-melting sequence in the third act.

We could not look away even as Indy tells Marion not to do so.

Some of my fondest memories are at the movies, whether it be The Cherry Bowl Drive-In, MJR 20 (on Van Dyke) or the staple of my young-lived life – Main Art Theatre.

Spending late nights and early afternoons in a silver screen-lit room with those I love (or, at the very least, enjoy) gives me a cathartic sense of renewal.

It is because of a night at the Birmingham Theatre in fifth grade.

Walking out of the doors to the heavenly yellow shine of marquee bulbs, I was changed after seeing “(500) Days of Summer.” Talking about it with my brothers and older sister – and her old boyfriend, who presumably should have been socked in the jaw once or twice, come to think of it – I felt I wanted to show emotions and possibly even truth on a screen for myself and for anyone who’d care to stop by.

My brothers Joey and Craigen are, naturally, a heavy influence on me.

I, humbly, am partially molded by them.

Hopefully you’ll learn more about me through my upcoming articles in the good ol’ Varsity News.

Thanks for stopping by.

The author is co-editor of The Varsity News