Students offer cures for weekend boredom





The life of a college student is always busy and hectic but somehow there is always time for fun on the weekends.

The possibilities are endless when looking for some weekend fun, especially off campus – from being busy trying new restaurants to shopping, studying or heading to the movies.

Being able to live on campus at Six Mile and Livernois roads, you will see that there is always something to do nearby.

But not always on campus, according to students.

Detroit Mercy has more than 2,600 undergrad students but fewer than half live on campus. 

With so few people here on weekends, some students struggle to find fun.  

“It is dead on campus during the weekend unless you are a part of Greek life or athletics,” said Dalton Hahn, a theatre major.  

But students can take advantage of the fact that they attend school in Detroit, where there are always events and games going on.

Comerica Park, Ford Field, Campus Martius and many more places offer relaxation and a get-away from the stress of school.  

Student Calista Esterline enjoys getting out.

But, she noted, “I usually only allow myself one free night, if that, during the weekend to hang out with friends or go do something.”

Aside from Detroit’s offerings, the university is close to Royal Oak and Ferndale, smaller cities with vibrant nightlifes and a lot of fun activities to offer. 

“I love to go to Bubble Tea in Ferndale. It’s the best,” said Elizabeth Wynne. 

Bubble Tea is a popular off-campus hangout for some students at UDM.

On campus, many students prefer to study in their dorm room – or in the library because of its café.

“My room is my favorite place,” said Kortney Hepting. “I love the people I live around and we all keep our doors open and go back and forth to hang out and talk with each other.”

With Detroit Mercy being such a small school, it can be difficult to find things to do when students are not busy with homework and need a break.

On weekends, campus itself can feel lifeless unless you make the most of it and get involved.  

“It is really boring on the weekends because everyone goes home, which is surprising because it’s a college,” said Tiffany Vu.   

The majority of students interviewed said that they wished for more activities on campus and for more nearby restaurant options.

“I would like it if there were better places to eat on campus,” said Marissa Moreno. 

Hepting, administrative vice president of the Student Government Association, said the group tries hard to bolster campus life. The group sponsors many events to encourage people to stay and have a good time.  

“The issue is everyone ignores emails and advertisements,” she noted. “Yet they still complain that there’s nothing to do.”

For commuters, the challenge is different. Some find it hard to feel involved and do things on campus. 

“To enhance anyone’s experience at UDM it would be to live on campus,” said Madison Telly. “Not living here last year made me feel very disconnected and out of the loop.”

Many students have favorite places nearby.

Jasmine Jefferson, a sophomore and mechanical engineering major, loves to visit Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant on Livernois north of Seven Mile Road.

Kuzzo’s specializes in soul food cuisine at an affordable price.

“The Bam Bam entrée is amazing. I love to get it with macaroni and cheese and collard greens. But the most important thing is the Kool-Aid. You have to get the red Kool-Aid,” Jefferson said with a smile.

The Bam Bam entrée at Kuzzo’s Restaurant only costs $6, so it is student-budget friendly.

Jefferson advises you to go to Kuzzo’s on Sundays only if you are ready to wait and are not in a hurry.

With that being said, it is not the only place Jefferson loves to grab a bite to eat along Livernois.

Jefferson’s next spot to grab grub is Bucharest Grill, a Mediterranean eatery that specializes in chicken and beef shawarmas.

Jefferson recommends the chicken shawarma. It costs $5.

Jefferson describes the food as very filling.

 “I never honestly ever finish a meal. I always have leftovers that I can save for later,” she said.

Jefferson also loves to produce digital art and acrylic paintings on the weekends.

She is not the only one who appreciates the beauty of art, of course.

Sophomore and dual industrial organizational psychology and health services administration major Zia Muntford enjoys going to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Muntford also likes to visit Granite City Restaurant in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

“My favorite meal at Granite City is a steak with A1 Sauce, sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes,” she said.

On weekends, she explores hidden food spots, art and culture.

Muntford also enjoys going to festivals.

On a recent weekend she enjoyed the hot sun and weather at “ParktoberFest” at Campus Martius.

But what is dinner without dessert?

Her favorite spot for something sweet is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Deja Lee, a biology major on the pre-dental track, has a heart for desserts, as well.

Lee recommends Detroit Water Ice Factory along Woodward Avenue downtown to curb sweet-tooth cravings.

She also has fun shopping with friends on weekends. Her favorite spot is Forever 21.

When she is not enjoying water ice or shopping, she spends time studying at the UDM library.

Bio-chemistry major Tamia Waller knows about spending her time studying all to well.

If you know Waller, you know you can catch her focused and studying.

Waller says she spends about 11 hours studying every Saturday.

Right after, she heads straight to work. On Sunday, she repeats the routine.

Kayla Brown, a criminal justice major and athlete, has a busy weekend routine, too.

When she isn’t at workouts or practice Brown loves to spend time with her family going to lunch or dinner at Red Lobster.

When Brown is on campus, she spends her time enjoying brunch at the campus dining room, studying or sleeping.