Campus smokers enjoy company

BY Mijai Lewis



William Clark, who works on campus with Metz culinary services, started smoking many years ago.

“I smoke a pack a day,” he said.

His favorite spot to smoke his Newports is between the Fisher and architecture buildings, by the benches.

Like other smokers at Detroit Mercy, he enjoys the conversations he has with others who smoke.

And, yes, he knows the dangers of smoking. It’s why he is trying to cut back.

Student Silas Abdullah started smoking at age 16 because he thought it was cool.

His favorite place to smoke is behind architecture building.

“Nobody is over there,” he said.

It’s almost private, he said.

“If anybody’s over there it’s only other smokers or architect students,” said Abdullah.

His favorite brand is Camel. He enjoys the taste, and on average smokes a pack or two a week.

Abdullah knows the risks of smoking and he said he has a plan to quit smoking.

Smoker Marina Toma was visiting Detroit Mercy recently.

She started smoking four years ago at age 21.

“I started smoking because of peer pressure,” Toma said. “My friends were doing it and I didn’t want to be the only one” not smoking.

Toma not only smokes cigarettes but also does vapor, as well.

“I do two cigarettes a day and I hit my vapor almost all day,” she said.

She smokes Marlboro Red, but when it comes to Vapor her favorite flavor is fruit menthol.

“I know the risk of it,” she said, but it hasn’t stopped her. “I’m addicted.”