FItness Center offers many options to stay in shape

BY Claire Patterson



Getting fit at Detroit Mercy can be easy and fun.

Living a healthy lifestyle can begin with just 30 minutes of exercise a day. 

The Fitness Center, open seven days a week, offers many opportunities, including yoga, an abdominal class, 5K Run Club and Kettlebell.

Detroit Mercy offers classes throughout the seasons that all can enjoy.

Kaitlin Lambert, a junior, has worked at the Fitness Center since her sophomore year. She was promoted to fitness lead and works under fitness and equipment manager/personal trainer Matthew Chesley.

Growing up, Lambert played volleyball and softball and ran cross country.

She has been active her whole life, and it only made sense for her to work in the center.

“I have an athletic family who loves to watch and play sports,” said Lambert

Lambert teaches two fitness classes and has a lot of fun with them.

She leads an abdominals class and “plyometrics,” which used to be called “jump training” because it involves a lot of jumping and hopping in different circuits.

“They are 30-minute abdominal circuit-based classes with four different moves for three circuits,” said Lambert.

Lambert said on average there are about four people per class, but the size varies from week to week.

She also helps with equipment and organizes different fitness programs, as well.

“We organize the Holiday Fit Blitz and different programs throughout the year,” said Lambert.

Sophomore Sam Schlaud said the abdominal class is definitely her favorite.

There are many different opportunities to relieve stress and get away from school.

Working out is good for you mentally and physically, so it is helpful to have these classes available.

“I definitely feel unstressed after working out in general, especially after a long week,” said Schlaud.

The health aspect gives Lambert a push in the right direction and motivates her, especially due to the fact that her father has diabetes.

According to Lambert, more people attend the yoga classes than any other.

Yoga classes are definitely the crowd pleaser at Detroit Mercy.

There are two yoga classes, offered by Jim Stout and Rachel Bennette.

“Yoga is the most popular,” she said. “People love yoga because it is easy and fits all skill levels of fitness.”