Saginaw native found friends through DJing

By Daniel Montaie



Barraka Baber uses his talent to generate extra income during down times with his information technology job.

The 40-year-old Detroit Mercy student has been a DJ around the metro Detroit area for more than 18 years. 

For the Saginaw native, DJing is also a major creative outlet.

Earlier in his life, Baber attended Wayne State University. It where his love for DJing grew while he helped with local parties.

“The parties used to be crazy,” said Baber. “People wouldn’t leave until 2 a.m., but I was able to keep the party rocking.”  

2001 is when Baber realized that DJing could be a way to bring people together in one location to have a good time.

“Looking back on life makes me remember the good times and some of the parties and events where I met most of my friends today,” he said.

Baber tries to stay in contact with past-life friends, but sometimes that difficult due to life changes for everyone. 

“I believe DJing also opened up a door for me when I first came to Detroit because I was a young boy from Saginaw with zero friends,” he said.

DJing has been the key to opening doors for Baber, and has helped him create and mold his lifestyle.

“I wouldn’t change anything from my past,” he said. “It created the person I am today and I also plan to continue DJing until I can’t no more.”

Baber uses his skills at local wedding and parties.   

“This is the experience I love to enjoy when I’m able to DJ at a wedding and see the smiles and joy when I play everyone’s favorite songs,” he said.

DJing has opened many doors for Baber to experience other cultures.

He hopes when he has more free time from work and school to get back into DJing more.

“I hope this hobby can be something I can use for many more years to continue to create happiness for everyone at the events because music is the life of the party,” he said.