“The Florida Project” delivers




"The Florida Project" flows through the bright, hot days and the dark orange nights at "Magic Castle," a motel that's home to Moonee (Brooklyn Prince) and her band of young friends along with her mother. Bobby (Willem Dafoe) works there.

Filled to the brim with soft bright colors, it is reminiscent of Disney World, which is only a few miles away from the motel.

Acting as a child's point of a view, the camera captures glorious scenes of defiance, vulnerability and pure freedom.

Director Sean Baker has created a magical world in the everyday life of Moonee and her friends as they walk to share ice cream, explore restricted rooms, and act on their natural curiosity.

Prince is charismatic and capturing while Dafoe is strong yet vulnerable – two of the best performances of this year.

I will be headed to the theatre this weekend to see it again, and you should, too. It deserves a Best Picture nomination.