Unpredictable weather can make fall fashion a challenge




Fall – it’s the season of haunted houses, costumes, bite-sized limited edition Kit-Kats, cider-mill dates, candy corn and, last but certainly not least, fall fashion.

Fall fashion on any college campus can vary greatly.

For many students at Detroit Mercy, the idea of going to class on a fall day makes them want to throw on a pair of fleece joggers and a matching fleece hoodie.

For others, it may call for them to get “dolled up” and “swagged out” because fall is their favorite season.

No matter how you’re feeling, depending on the day, class schedule or even weather, there are some fall fashion essentials that every student on the McNichols campus must have and own.

Kristen Bailey, sophomore and dental hygiene major, loves the fall weather.

She believes riding boots are an essential piece that every college student must have in her closet.

“Riding boots are cute and allow versatility to any look or outfit,” said Bailey.

Riding boots bring warmth and comfort on chilly days strolling from one class to another.

“It gives you the look of actually trying to get ready without all the hard work,” said Bailey.

Who doesn’t love that?

The life of a college student may be stressful but your look for the day doesn’t have to be.

Michael Pugh, a graduate master’s student, is fairly new to the chilly Michigan weather.

A California native, he transferred from Xavier University in New Orleans, and is now experiencing his first fall here in Detroit.

Pugh knows about the fall weather from living in New Orleans, he said.

His fall fashion essential is a good pair of Timberland boots.

His favorite style of boots by Timberland are the Wheat six-inch waterproof boots.

The weather on a fall day in Michigan can change on the drop of a dime.

It can go from sunny with a gentle breeze to rainy and cold in a matter of seconds.

The Timberland Wheat boot can withstand these drastic changes, he said.

Pugh also swears on a nice light bubble coat to handle the gentle gusts of wind one might encounter going to class.

Light bubble coats can be found for both men and women at Forever21.com at an affordable college price.

“Fashion is a way of expression for me,” said Pugh. “Being new here, my fashion has given me the first impression to everyone I come across on campus.”

First impressions are something that freshman student-athlete Kayla Brown knows all too well.

Brown expresses her fall creativity by rocking a fly jogger fit and a pair of solid sneakers to match.

A nice jogger fit can keep you warm and relaxed on a day that can be sunny with a slight breeze, said Brown.

Even with Michigan’s weather being up in the air, how you look and what you rock that day doesn’t have to be.