I Am Deej

I am Deej.

I do not have a favorite color.

I eat hot dogs way too often – they are delicious & easy to make.

I don’t think I eat enough hot dogs.


I am Deej.

I like girls that don’t like me all too much,

For if they do,

I can only assume

That they have a poor taste in boys.


I, Deej, am a boy.

Yet to be a man,

Barely have a plan.

I’ll hide away in a big dark room and weep @ the silver screen.

I’ll even try very hard to not be mean

But, then –

I will not try at all.

I fall.

Often, more

Often than I should.

I am easily understood.


I like to tell and consume stories,

I like to shoot hoops.

My left eye, it droops,

Sometimes slightly, sometimes greatly –

I have been so tired as of lately.

I love the summer but hate to sum

I guess I Identify

With things that often catch my eye.

My heart has been broken, but it hasn’t.

I love arcades & carnivals, to me they are more than pleasant.


I love my


& I love my


I never want to eat another hot dog again.


I have dreams, some days I am fine if that is all they are.

Weekly, my pals & I ride around in my big red car.


If I wrote this tomorrow the words would probably be different.

But today is today and I will always follow my brain’s conscious current.