Long-time English professor wants more honors degree programs




            Nicholas Rombes, an English professor at Detroit Mercy, was recently named co-director of the University Honors Program.

According to the Honors Program website, it offers students a creative opportunity to engage themselves with the campus and community to develop intellectually, spiritually, socially, and ethically. Students looking to for a challenge, to be more social engaged and contain a GPA of 3.3 or higher are prefect candidates for the Honors Program.

Rombes had a passion for film, music and literature. He received his PhD. in Early American Literature from Penn State, and has been teaching at Detroit Mercy for over twenty years. He enjoys being able to teach every student he meets, and appreciates what he learns from them.

The Honors Program is for students that are the high achievers, motivated, curious and looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

“It has smaller class sizes with a robust discussions style to help light the fire under their students,” said Rombes. The small class sizes give the opportunity to know every student and give individual attention.

Rombes offers his time and knowledge to all his students. He hopes to expand the Honors Program by adding more degree programs, more course availability and to encourage more students to enroll.

“Today is a different, complicated and uncertain world,” said Rombes. “Compassion, insight and intelligence is important.”

Students looking to enroll will submit an essay and a resume of their academic accomplishments and extracurricular to be evaluated by the Co-Directors. Students that qualify for the program will receive an Honors scholarship that is renewable for all four years.

            Currently available programs are the College of Liberal Arts and Education, College of Engineering and Science, School of Architecture and College of Business.