Plenty to do around campus during the holidays



The holiday season is right around the corner, and the University of Detroit Mercy’s location at 6 Mile and Livernois is an advantage students at other colleges around the country aren’t lucky enough to have.

We have so many surrounding cities and Christmas-themed events to explore.

Downtown Detroit is an awesome place to be and see what fun it has to offer during the holidays.

Student Zia Munford loves to travel to downtown Detroit for her favorite event, Noel Night, an event in Midtown in early December that includes free admission t oDetroit museums, exhibits and even the Detroit library.

Doesn’t that sound college student budget friendly?

“There are food trucks galore and it so much fun going with a group of friends,” said Munford.

With the cold weather, ice is something a Detroit Mercy student knows all to well.

Whether it is on your car in the mornings or even slipping on ice from walking to class, not many can say it’s enjoyable.

But what about ice skating in Campus Martius Park located in downtown Detroit?

That’s one of sophomore Jasmine Jefferson’s favorite things to do.

“Not by any means am I the best skater, but I love having fun doing something I enjoy,” said Jefferson.

Ice skating is only one possible event for you to enjoy during the downtown Detroit winter festival.

Campus Martius lights up during the holiday season and so does downtown Rochester, Michigan.

Downtown Rochester has many things to offer during the holidays, from shopping, to grabbing a bite to eat or even sitting and enjoying a hot cup of coffee, the possibilities are endless.

One of the most popular events to enjoy in downtown Rochester is the Big, Bright, Lightshow.

This lightshow is unlike any other.

During the lightshow all the downtown storefronts will shine with more than 1 million lights.

This event will take place from Nov. 20th to Jan. 7th.

While you enjoy the show, take some time time to stop by downtowns Rochester’s’ Fire and Ice festival as well.

The list can go on and on about what events take place during the holiday season in Detroit and surrounding areas.

The moral of all of this is to take a break from the stressful college life, have fun, take pictures and create memories with the ones you care about most.