DEEJ OSTER: Historic Redford Theatre becomes writer’s haven from exam stress


As the semester closes, I get more and more anxious to get out of class, get off campus and be done with school until next semester.

The fall term is especially hard as the weather gets colder and my attention span gets shorter and shorter.

There are things to do, movies to see and friends to goof off with, all just waiting past December 13.

It’s hard to fully give myself to this “crunch-time” and dedicate myself to work, knowing it will consume my days for the next couple weeks.

Until I get past my days of utter procrastination, I will do what I do best, go to the movies to relieve any stress.

The Redford Theatre, located roughly seven miles from campus, is a great destination to participate in Christmas festivities, de-stress before or after finals and enjoy an evening at the cinema.

Since 1928, the theatre has been in continuous operation.

Its bright marquee and beautiful Japanese interior design alone place the audience in their own little world once the lights go down.

Specifically, Christmas time is very busy there, showing such classics as “A Christmas Story,” “White Christmas,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

People enjoy pictures with Santa, tasty and unique concessions and a live organ accompaniment before each feature.

This old Detroit “Movie Playhouse” feels like something ripped from the past.

If you’re looking for entertainment near campus, now or whenever, catch a movie at The Redford.