Op-ed: Campus welcoming place for transfer


 Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Titan as "one that is gigantic in size or power; one that stands out for greatness of achievement."

I am definitely a Titan.  


Merriam Webster Dictionary defines mercy as "compassionate, or being lenient."  

God has shown mercy to all.   I am proud to be a Titan!  I am enjoying my experience here as a student.  I have never been a part of an organization that welcomes their students with open arms, literally.

 I transitioned from Wayne County Community District and my adviser/counselor Betsey Rheaume made sure that my plan of action was accurate and complete.  My misconception of Detroit Mercy was that this institution was for the privileged, the rich, or smart students in general.

 Oh, how was I wrong!

What I like most about my environment is how diverse it is.  We have students from a variety of cultures, with different backgrounds, and from all walks of life.  My social work professor, Dr. VanCamp, continuously encourages and motivates her students to become aspiring social workers.  I have never experienced a teacher that genuinely drives her students to be successful.

 For example, Dr. VanCamp makes sure we develop study groups for any challenging assignments.  In the beginning of the semester our class size was at the max and overwhelming.  Dr. VanCamp fought to get our classroom switched immediately to a more comfortable and reasonable setting.  That made all the difference in my learning process.

I have received nothing but positive feedback from my financial aid officer, professors, faculty, and of course my peers.  I encourage any student curious about a program and want to further their education or career to look into our programs offered.  You too will become a member of the University of Detroit Mercy Titan family.

The author, Brandon Mays, is a freshman enrolled in the Social Work program. He is a Detroit native.