Spanish guard picks Detroit over exotic home



It’s a good thing Aiora Preciado lives on campus. Her commute from home might be the longest in school history.

The 5’ 10” freshman guard on the women’s basketball team comes to Detroit from Ibiza, Spain.

Before joining the Titans, she was named best basketball player of Ibiza in 2015-2016, leading her team to first place finishes in 2015 & 2016 and a runner up finish in 2017.

Making the decision to move away from your family to another country on the other side of the world as an 18 year old isn’t an easy decision. Some may wonder why she chose to come to Detroit Mercy at all.

“At first I was not sure if I wanted to move to another country,” she said. “I saw an almost unattainable dream, but when I finally decided to try it I was open to every opportunity.”

It was rocky for Preciado at first, but she was familiar with the city of Detroit and  her teammates and coaches worked hard to make her feel more comfortable, making the transition much easier.

 “I would say I’m still in the adapting phase, where everything seems fascinating and different,” she said. “The university takes good care of us and I feel they value you us very much. I have received a lot of support from my coaches, teammates, and teachers which has helped me tremendously.”

Despite all the challenges of being from another country and learning new languages, many of Preciado’s teammates are happy to have her on the team. Specifically, Gracie Roberts a junior guard from New Zealand.

“It’s cool because it’s good to have someone else that’s from another country, I think we are similar in ways,” Roberts said. “Like we both do and say things differently compared to Americans. It’s really just nice to not be the odd one out by myself.”