Worried about finals? Try these study tips


With finals next week, studying can become stressful.

After a long time, your old studying techniques might not work for you anymore.

So, that begs the question, what does work?

Here are some study techniques from students around campus that might be able to help you with your studies.

John Keep, Digital Media Studies Senior: "I would say just get some noise cancelling headphones, a nice monster and get right to it."

Micheal James, intern for TRiO Student Support Services: "If it is a subject that you're struggling on, focus on that subject, but if there are certain areas within that subject that you're good, don't focus on that as much. Focus on the ones that you’re weak in. Try to plan your day out and plan your weekends out, but also make time for relaxation and just not doing any studying. Don't study consistently for hours and hours on end, make sure maybe every hour you give 10-20 minutes of just relaxation of doing nothing. Don't try to put so much pressure on yourself, especially for the seniors."

Javon Holland, senior Digital Media Studies major: "The key thing if you want to do well in your finals is obviously just focus and use as much resources as possible. Go to the library, talk to your teachers, talk to faculty and staff because they will help you out  by any means necessary. A lot of students like us don't take those tools because we just feel like, 'well I'm just going to study, study, study' but your teachers will come in and help you out anyway as possible. They may curve a grade or two, but if they see you working hard and put it into work and if you do your best and you should be good."

Rafael Cruz, a mentor who works in the Learning Center: "Do not wait to the last minute, that's a basic one. Try to not procrastinate. Try to review a little bit every day. Make sure you see your professor during the office hours for any questions they may have and study with people. Rewriting your notes is always good too, but during those times when you're studying for finals, less time doing the things you like and more time doing the things that you have to do. So, organizing, prioritizing your time, that's a must. Study groups are a big help and I always recommend getting tutoring as well."

Hopefully with those study tips, you can have a successful semester and have an easier time studying for upcoming finals. We're finally getting there the end of the semester, so it's time to buckle down and get to studying like our life is on the line.