Friendships, tuition aid among draws for dancers

Photo courtesy of Detroit Titans Sports Info



The dance team at Detroit Mercy is a close-knit group that enjoys getting together, showing their school pride and entertaining fans during breaks at basketball games.

But what are these talented performers looking to get out of the experience and what does it take to be on the dance team?

For senior Sam Torres, a nursing major, dancing is a huge part of her life. She enjoys the connection she builds through dancing at Detroit Mercy.

“I’ve been dancing for most of my life, including dancing on the biggest stage in high school, dancing and winning two gold medals for dancing,” Torres explained. “Dancing has been a great way to help with school expenses and making life-long friends.”

Torres is aware that dancing isn’t going to be the focus of most of her life. She plans to graduate at the end of the semester with a degree in nursing.

But even though her college dancing career is coming to an end, she said she’s going to miss it – including the grind.

“Being a dancer takes a lot of self-discipline,” Torres continued. “Watching what you eat, exercising regularly and making sure you practice daily can be tough on days you’ve had class all day and just want to sleep but that’s where you have to be disciplined.”

With Torres being a senior, she has her life planned out, as would be expected.

But younger dancers also know how to take full advantage of their opportunity.

Freshman Jordin Valenti, who’s undecided on her major, is also capitalizing on the tuition help that comes from dancing.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing and it’s been a huge part of my life but the scholarship help dance gives me for school is the reason I joined,” Valenti said. “But the relationships I’ve made with my teammates is the reason I really enjoy it.”

Valenti noted that she’s going to enjoy dancing and making new connections over the next four years.