Blake Griffin ignites excitement in Detroit


Most people are aware that Blake Griffin has been traded to the Pistons, and the news has brought a lot of excitement, which is understandable.

The former rookie of the year and four-time all-star has averaged 21.5 points, 9.3 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game throughout his career.

Prior to his arrival, the Pistons hadn’t been home to an actual superstar since the days of Isiah Thomas.

The Pistons have struggled tremendously since their last championship in 2004.

My personal view on this trade is somewhat in between.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Blake Griffin.

I have never liked the way he plays but I have always respected him.

Although Blake Griffin is a big name, I feel the Pistons gave up a lot of key pieces from their team.  

Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley and Boban Marjanovic had been important to the club.

Despite being biased against Blake Griffin’s game, I watched his debut against the Memphis Grizzlies and saw many bright spots.

With him and Drummond in the front court, the team definitely could be a dominant force in the East.

The Pistons are 25-26 (through Sunday) and are ninth in the Eastern Conference standings, one game behind the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Pistons definitely plan on getting into the top eight and making a run in the playoffs.

The East has always been dominated by wherever Lebron has played, so it’s been hard for teams to make runs in the playoffs, or for anyone else to make it out of the East.

With the Cavs playing as badly as they are, I honestly feel that the Eastern is wide open.

If the Pistons click with Blake Griffin and returning Reggie Jackson and role players like Stanley Johnson, Ish Sith and Luke Kennard, coach Stan Van Gundy and his guys can definitely make some noise in the East.