Chinese New Year celebration conjures warmth of home




Chinese New Year is more than just the start of a new calendar, it is a huge holiday and a chance for families to spend time together.

“It is like our Christmas,” said Yuping Yang, international student counselor for the College of Business Administration.

Members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association shared the holiday with the rest of the campus community on Feb. 16.

Many turned out to enjoy a night of Chinese culture.

The event included a dragon ceremony, where Chinese students paraded around the room.

There was also a fan dance put on by several faculty members, a game of musical chairs, bingo with a twist and live musicians.

On top of the entertainment, authentic Chinese food provided a highlight, with Chinese candies at every table.

But the food was not the center of the event.

At many Detroit Mercy events, students come for the food and then leave.

The vibe was different at the Chinese celebration.

The goal, according to senior Kevin Liu, was “for all different cultures to come together for this event to actually experience something or learn something they have never before” – and to come for more than just the food.

The turnout was greater than expected for a Friday, when a lot of people on campus go elsewhere.

Senior Reneisha Banner enjoyed the festivities.

“It is so hard to get people to show up to events, but they did a really good job of getting people to come out,” she said.

The association has been hosting the event for at least seven years.

For some Detroit Mercy international students, this year marked their first holiday away from their families.

Chinese New Year is a chance for the youth in the family to really have an opportunity to just sit and talk with their elders.

“During the rest of the year everyone is pretty busy,” said Liu. “So this allows the whole family to just sit, talk and to spend quality time.”

Gavin Huang is vice president of the association.

“No matter where we are, this is a chance for people to get together and to have a chance to converse,” he said.