Chatman explains his decision to enter the NBA draft


I recently announced that I would be entering the 2018 NBA Draft.

For me, this is an exciting situation, specifically because I feel that I am getting closer to my lifelong dream.

The process of entering the draft is somewhat simple – just lots of paperwork to fill out.

My dad did the main share of it, which means I didn’t have to worry about anything except school and working out.

All sorts of rules are involved in this process.

To enter the draft, you must first declare that you’re going to. That’s the paperwork.

Once the paperwork is finished, you send your name to the NBA Advisory Committee, which gives you feedback on what NBA teams think about you and where they feel you could go in the draft.

After that process is over, on April 24, NBA teams begin to bring players in to do workouts and to scout who they want to draft or be on their team.

The team workouts can continue up until the NBA Draft Combine in May, which is invitation-only and open to 60 different players.

Once the combine concludes, players who have not signed an agent – like me – have to make a decision whether to stay in the draft or go back to school.

There is a ten-day window for everyone.

This being my first time getting to experience this process, I’m extremely happy and excited and confident in myself.

I’m looking forward to what happens next.