When picking fashions think of causes, too


We Detroit Mercy students all know that the closer we get to Thanksgiving the colder it gets.

After the temperatures begin to drop we begin to bring out all of dearest winter accessories.

But are we even ready to welcome our dear friend winter back to Michigan?

I mean we always need to keep are our favorite hats, gloves, scarf and coats ready at any moment.

But did you know that you can be fashionable and give back in philanthropic ways this holiday season?

There are many affordable, college budget-friendly brands that specialize in keeping you warm this winter while helping our communities and the world around us.

Love Your Melon is a brand that creates winter accessories to help fund cancer research and help those battling the disease.

This brand was created by two college students, which is inspiring.

As stated on the company website, Love Your Melon was founded in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas.

The owners wanted to start a business with a meaningful and positive social impact.

On a mission to improve the lives of children battling cancer since 2012, Love Your Melon began with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America.

Half of Love Your Melon’s profit is given to the Love Your Melon Fund to support nonprofit partners to fight pediatric cancer, and help with therapy .

Another brand that is changing the world in fashion and helping the world around us is Krochet Kids.

Krochet Kids donates money and creates jobs for those in poverty.

The focused demographic is women.

As stated on the website, “Our products, our non-profit partner and our community work in unison to help people break the cycle of poverty. We provide life-changing job opportunities to women in need. With each purchase you make we introduce you to the woman who made your product.”

Lastly, another brand that helps make the world a better place is the brand called FashionABLE.

FashionABLE was created to stop the generational curses of poverty.

While the CEO lived in Ethiopia, he saw women resorting to prostitution to make a living and support their families.

Their main goal “was to provide an alternative that would give these women an opportunity to earn a living, empowering them to end the cycle of poverty that kept them trapped.”

Their research found that benefiting the women in communities would strengthen the entire community so FashionABLE set out on a mission to end generational poverty, one job at a time.

All of these brands will help you stay stylish and warm this upcoming winter season.