What I love and don’t about our university


Detroit Mercy is Michigan’s largest Catholic University. Even then, I feel as if the campus is small.

No complaints here. I love the campus size, especially during the winter.

Because the campus is not wide, getting from Briggs to the student center is no more than a five-minute walk.

The campus itself has a fitness center, which is not far from the dorms and is fairly accessible.  

The small campus was one of the many reasons I chose this school.

During summer, we can take our time getting to class and enjoy the sun.

For those who love the sun, there are even tables set up around campus to sit outside and do some homework or simply chat.

Detroit Mercy is also known for its student-teacher ratio.

I have had a pleasant experience with this.

Throughout my soon to be three years at here, I have always have had the opportunity to take amazing professors who care about me.

Every professor since my freshman year has had a great impact in my life.

These same professors have had kind and understanding hearts when I was struggling and needed a helping hand. These are some of the same professors that I will never forget. 

Along with so many positives that the school has, it also has its cons.

Briggs was built in 1958. Since then it appears not to have had many improvements.

Students constantly complain about the heating and cooling.

During summer, Briggs might as well be a sauna.

During winter, it feels as though you are inside of a freezer.

There have been many complaints about this issue and even an online petition but yet the issue is unresolved. 

As part of a campus that has a majority of commuter students, I dislike the short hours offered at the school when it comes to the library and the fitness center.

There have been times when I get off of work late and need to study but the school library closes at midnight, so I am unable to go to the library and focus on my homework or to study for a test.

Luckily for me, I have friends at Wayne State and their student center is open past 2 in the morning.  

Detroit Mercy’s fitness center is a great place to go when you want a quick run and it is too cold outside.

It is a great place to go when you want to relive some stress.

Still, I dislike the fact that the fitness center closes so early in the day.

Personally, when I get to the gym I go past 11 at night. That is usually when my day ends.

So there you have it: a few of my impressions of Detroit Mercy after several years here.