Sun, Friends, Family, Faith at Heart of Student Break Plans

By Claire Patterson / VN STAFF WRITERS

Detroit Mercy students will be joining thousands of other college students on spring break adventures.

On McNichols Campus, the break officially runs March 4-9

Senior Jacob Galvan will be taking a road trip to Florida with friends from high school.

“I’ll be in Daytona,” said Galvan. “It will be a good step back from my current responsibilities and life.”

Some students are opting for lower-key breaks – seeing sights, trying new food and just relaxing.

Marissa Moreno, a junior, will be traveling to Philadelphia to visit her boyfriend and friends.

“I look forward to spring break because I get to relax, eat lots of food and visit one of my favorite cities,” said Moreno.

Spending time in the sunshine on a beach is a typical college-dream break.

However, some students have responsibilities beyond the classroom.

Sophomore Grace Choi will be spending her break at Providence Park Hospital in Novi.

“I am working this break,” she said. “I’m traveling over the summer, so I want to save my money.”

For many, spring break offers a chance to go home to family they’ve not seen in months.

Junior Tiffany Vu will be heading back to San Jose, California.

“I will be relaxing with my family back home,” said Vu. “I’m really looking forward to break and I’m counting down the days.”

Junior Dalton Hahn has an exciting spring break planned.

Hahn will be traveling overseas with an organization called Filters of Hope, which provides clean drinking water.

“I will be traveling overseas to deliver water filters to families in need as well as spreading the word of God,” said Hahn. “I am greatly looking forward to spring break. I have never been out of the country and the fact that I will be doing so while providing for the better good brings me great excitement.”

As amazing as traveling overseas sounds, staying in the United States has its advantages for some.

Sophomore Calista Esterline is traveling to Waco, Texas, and is looking forward to a nice reprieve from school and class deadlines.

“I will be visiting Magnolia Market,” said Esterline. “I am counting down the days till my flight.”

Planned trips are always a plus.

But some play it by ear.

Nicole Jandreski is a member of the Detroit Mercy dance team and is waiting to hear of the basketball team’s placement in the Horizon League tournament to determine her plans.

“Over break I will be studying and relaxing with family, but depending on the basketball rankings we could be traveling with the team,” she said.

Whatever you do, the break is certain to go quickly.