Grande decision: Chipotle, Qdoba?


When you are hungry for Mexican food and you prefer a fast casual establishment, you probably head to either a Chipotle or Qdoba restaurant. 

However, which restaurant do you prefer?

Although I used to prefer Qdoba, I am now a Chipotle convert.

The reasons?

The first reason Chipotle is better than Qdoba is because of the number and convenience of the locations. 

Chipotle has over 2,000 locations whereas Qdoba only has approximately 700.

Within a three-mile radius of my apartment, there are twice as many Chipotle restaurants to one Qdoba. 

The second reason relates to the food.

Although the food items at both Qdoba and Chipotle are high quality, Chipotle takes pride in the process of obtaining meats and vegetables locally for their restaurants and doesn’t use preservatives.

According to the website, the food is produced in very specific ways.

For example, the cheese and sour cream are provided by “pasture-raised” cows. 

Qdoba’s website does not list anything that refers to the quality of their food. All it says is, “Our flavor rocks.”

The chicken and beef choices at Chipotle are always moist in comparison to the burnt taste of the meat served at Qdoba. 

The pieces of meat are also bigger at Chipotle.

In my view, the food at Chipotle quite simply tastes better than the food at Qdoba.

The third and final reason Chipotle has an advantage over Qdoba is because of the menu prices.

Although neither website lists prices, Qdoba’s prices are slightly higher in general.

The same chicken burrito (without guacamole) served at Chipotle would cost $7.80 and $8.05 at Qdoba. 

Although the price difference is only 25 cents, when you are a student on a budget, the menu price factors into consideration.

If you prefer guacamole on your burrito, however, you might prefer Qdoba since the guacamole is offered as a no-cost option.

Chipotle also gives out coupons and has some freebies, such as free sides and buy-one-get-one offers.

The debate won’t end here.

Ultimately, personal preferences will decide it.