The Titan Hookers


The name always gets noticed: Titan Hookers.

Detroit Mercy’s new knitting and crocheting group aims to run group projects and help students who need to learn crocheting basics.

The group was started by Karla Aickens, who works in the library, and Jacqui Al-Guweiri, who works in the registrar office. Aickens came up with the name.

“My halo was on and the horns were coming through,” Aickens recalled. “We were trying to think of the name, and it has to do with something with the university…We have our crochet hooks and our needles. We need something with a little kick.”

She added, “Technically, a Catholic college couldn’t have Titan hookers, but…”

 Of course, the main goal is to foster a sense of community and relaxation.

“Karla and I have been crocheting and or knitting on campus here for four years on our lunch hours,” said Al-Guweiri.

She described multiple projects that she’s accomplished with Aickens.

“(For) crocheting, I came to Karla. I started my first hat,” she said proudly.

“I started crocheting in 2003, so I’ve been crocheting for quite a few years,” said Aickens.

She learned to crochet many years ago at a random JoAnne Fabric’s class.

She was inspired by the sense of community the group fostered.

One of her favorite parts was when she heard older members recount their days surviving the Great Depression.

Aickens heard the women discuss how they repurposed different objects.

From then on, she was inspired to keep crocheting and knitting.

Al-Guweiri said that she’s a little less experienced but is still heavily dedicated to yarn work.

“I’m just a novice at both,” she said. “I’ve been knitting for probably eight years.”

They both use Youtube to learn new tips and tricks.

Their goal is to make projects for different non-profits and charities.

For cancer patients, “we could do summer hats for infants, juveniles and adults,” said Al-Guweiri.

She started brain storming.

“We could do a bunch of granny squares and make it into lap quilts for the VA hospitals,” she added.  

They would also like to make hats for the coat drive as some of their colleagues did.

“Everybody is welcome no matter what their experience,” said Al-Guweiri.

Noted Aickens: “Even if they want to learn how to do it, they can come to the class. In times like these, the best times I’ve had is when I come down here (to the conference room). We’ve had a lot of projects going on.”

The Titan Hookers first meeting will take place starting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20.