Donaldson elected student gov’t prez


Detroit Mercy has elected a new student government president.

Tallying a high of 196 votes, Kenneth Donaldson, a sophomore political science major, was elected president, defeating Nathan Wodwaski.

After serving two years as a senator, Donaldson will take the reins from Benjamin Westphal, who stepped down.

“I know student government has had a very small and repressed role for many years, so it means a lot to be chosen to lead this organization into the future and I am excited to do it,” said Donaldson.

Westphal, an education junior, will now serve as the new vice president after being elected to the position.

Raisa Moborrod was elected secretary.

“It’s a great team we have for next year, and I couldn’t be more excited,” said Westphal.

Though Donaldson and Westphal are excited to get started, neither is willing to rush into anything.

“I would love to ease my way into the new positions in order to really see how the position operates and to see what problems arise,” said Donaldson.

From an organizational standpoint, Donaldson’s first plan of action is to continue to rebuild the student government from the inside out.

“I plan on establishing budget sheets in order to more effectively divvy up the allocated funds for student organizations,” said Donaldson.

With students in mind, Donaldson plans to put his newly allotted financial plan to use right away.

“I plan on establishing our social media in order to more effectively connect with students while also planning new events with our budget,” said Donaldson.

Yet as summer nears, most students may consider it a time of relaxation.

Donaldson, on the other hand, plans to use the time to his advantage.

“The summer months are critical. It will be full of work for me. With this organization specifically, a lot of planning and organization has to be done over the summer at its current stage,” said Donaldson.