Hoop Night kicks off basketball season



With basketball season approaching, the Titans hosted their annual Hoop Night in the D event at Calihan Hall.

The event featured a $10,000 shot contest, drill competitions and game scrimmages that featured the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Robert Vowels, athletic director, was excited for the evening and although there were many great attractions, he said he felt the main attraction was the talent.

“I hope folks will see the great talent,” he said, “and fan support will grow in the community throughout the year.”

Keith Jason, arena emcee, kicked off the event introducing the players and staff of both teams.

Players and even coaches came out of the tunnel with enthusiasm and creativity.

Some did dance moves, some gave high fives and one arrived on a hoverboard.

Bernard Scott, women’s head coach, took the microphone as he was the last to be introduced.

Scott decided to get fans on their feet and to liven up the energy himself.

Players felt the energy and were hyping each other up.

Teammates Antoine Davis (sophomore) and Justin Miller (senior) both were feeling the energy even before the event.

“I’m excited to just go out there and show the fans a good time,” said Davis.

Although Miller is a senior transfer from Louisiana Lafayette, he felt good about the atmosphere his new teammates were providing.

“The energy is in the air,” Miller said. “We have a chance to be really good, but this is an eye-opening experience for me being new. I’m glad to be a part of it.”

A lucky contestant drawn from the crowd had a shot at $10,000 but did not win.

The same prize opportunity will be offered before each game until some wins the large prize.

At the even, you could hear screams of support from fans, the trumpets and other instruments of the band and trash talking between the male and female athletes, as they challenged one another.

It seemed to be like an NBA All-Star weekend with a skills challenge, shot contest and scrimmage. 

The score was not recorded for the scrimmage.

Fans were excited by the impressive defense of the women and the powerful dunks of the men.

As the event came to a wrap, sophomore teammates Alex Burr and Maxine Moore had nothing but smiles.

“That was great,” said Moore. “I’ve never done anything like this before and it was just wild.”

Burr felt the comradery between her team and even the bond they have with the men’s team.

This event was not meant to be taken seriously.

It wasn't a playoff game nor a championship, but just one night to let the “kids” play.